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We’re a tight-knit group of developers, CPAs, and finance transformation experts delivering the most flexible finance automation solutions on the market.

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What systems do you integrate with?

We integrate with all third-party tools and proprietary databases, however the only general ledger system currently supported is QuickBooks. As part of our implementation, we can migrate you to QuickBooks Online for free. We will be supporting NetSuite in the near future.

Do I need to change my systems?

The only requirement is that you operate on QuickBooks Online. All other supporting systems can remain the same. If you’re exploring changing systems, we’re happy to provide recommendations that have seen work well for our clients.

Am I buying software or services?

Services powered by software. Our automation software eliminates over 80% of the manual steps in your accounting and bookkeeping processes. Accounting cannot be fully automated - there will always be edge cases - and that’s where our on-shore CPAs step in.

Do I still need a bookkeeper?

No, we provide all of the services that a bookkeeper provides, plus more. 

We already have a finance team, how do you fit in?

We work with existing finance teams and apply our automation to solve pain points, high-volume manual tasks, and other functions of their team that they would typically delegate to a senior or staff accountant. If you need help with just one or some of your processes, we can scope a solution that compliments your in-house team’s skill set.

How do your prices work?

We typically price with a one-time implementation fee to set up our automation and then a recurring monthly service fee. The scope of work and complexity of your business will determine the price. If you complete our Discovery Document, we can give you a range before hopping on a call.

Is there a commitment term?

No, all services are month-to-month and can be canceled at any time.

What kinds of companies do you support?

We are industry agnostic, providing services to small and medium medium-sized businesses, from pre-seed through Series C. We currently serve nearly 100 clients broken down as follows:

  • SaaS (20%)
  • Consumer Product Goods (20%)
  • Professional Services (17%)
  • Education & Religious (12%)
  • Real Estate (10%)
  • Other (21%): construction, finance, gaming, healthcare, manufacturing, non-profit
Do you do tax or audit work?

No, but we do work with your tax professionals or auditors to provide them with requested data and answer any questions. Our automated accounting services prepare your financials in a way that makes tax professionals and auditors' lives easier.

Do you provide fractional CFO services?

No, but the work we provide makes your fractional CFOs life easier. We partner with many fractional CFOs and the clients they support and can provide you recommendations for fractional CFOs if you have not selected one already.

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