Reporting and Dashboards

You deserve more than just a general sense of your business. Our software gives you custom reports delivered automatically, everyday.

Get Superior Visibility into Your Finances

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The beauty of having tech and team on your side isn’t just nice for your books. It’s good for your business. Whatever you want to see, we’ll find a way to help you see it, down to the most granular levels. You get detailed reports delivered everyday with data you can trust.

Make Sharper Business Decisions with Better Insights

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Customize Your Reporting

Our iterative process helps us customize our platform the way you want. Want to segment your reports by department? We’re on it.

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Feel More Confident in Your Business

With us by your side, you’ll go beyond regular accounting. You’ll track your finances with the precision and power you’ve always wanted.

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Pave the Way in Your Industry

The businesses that stay behind will use the same old accounting systems for their books. The businesses that rise to the top will use automation.

Join Over 100 Companies Optimizing Their Accounting

We support forward-thinking organizations with our tech +team. Contact us and we’ll help you transform your finops.
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