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Increase in revenue within 6 months with Finoptimal


Savings in per lead cost for the PPC campaigns


Increase in revenue within 6 months with Finoptimal

Client Overview:
Excel Sports Management is an industry-leading sports agency representing iconic athletes, blue-chip brands and marquee properties.

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Platform Integrations:
 - Bill.com
 - Expensify
 - TriNet
 - Various US and international banking platforms
 - Google Suite
 - Microsoft Suite


As Excel Sports Management has expanded and diversified into a full-service sports agency serving both athlete and B2B clients, FinOptimal has allowed us to scale rapidly without sacrificing the accuracy or timeliness of payments or financial reporting.  FinOptimal’s highly customized, technology-forward tools have streamlined our billing and expense management processes, allowing us to track revenue and expenses on a granular basis to support real-time business decisions.  They have largely automated our monthly close, saving a tremendous amount of time.

We have been clients for over seven years and are incredibly pleased with the value.  We have not encountered a competitor with the experience and expertise to build and operate our back-end financial operations at scale.

- Phil Mayer, CFO at Excel Sports Management

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The most cost-efficient accounting & bookkeeping services on the planet.

“Accountants don't have time to invest in fixing broken processes when they need to the most. When that time comes, they're too busy drowning in data entry and spreadsheet maintenance, and double down by adding more bodies to row the broken oars. 📈 Investing time in automation and process optimization will save your team major headaches now and in the long run”

-Jessi R., Founder

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