Eliminate double data entry. Gopher automatically connects any spreadsheet to QuickBooks to create a single source of truth.

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Gopher Doesn't Fat Finger

Double data entry is every accountants nightmare. Gopher directly syncs spreadsheets to QuickBooks and other systems so that you automatically have one source of truth.

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What Gopher Automates for You

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Eliminate Double Data Entry

With Gopher, you can send the data where it needs to go. Without touching it.

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Streamline Your Spreadsheets

Work in the spreadsheets you love and sync the data automatically with the click of a button.

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Keep Your Systems in Sync

Pair it with Wrangler to create a single source of truth. Pull with Wrangler, push with Gopher, and rest easy knowing your data is accurate.


Gopher comes with a custom pricing plan based on your needs. Contact our team today to get your quote.
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