Choose how you allocate your costs with Allocator.

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Allocate Costs with Minimal Effort

How would you like Allocator to allocate your costs? You can break down any grouping of spending, whether it's by client, department, project, or more.

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 What Allocator Automates For You

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Freedom From Spreadsheet Maintenance

Set custom dials to automatically allocate expenses each month without the hassle of manual calculations.

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Save Time, Use Time

Use time tracking data to automatically spread payroll costs based on the activities, clients, or projects that employees work on.

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Get a More Refined View of Your Expenses

Allocator lets you allocate your costs based on custom data dimensions. You’ll have a more in-depth understanding of your costs, down to the very last detail.


Allocator comes with a custom pricing plan based on your needs. Contact our team today to get your quote.
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