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We do more than just accounting. We optimize it so you see results faster. Skip inefficient hourly billing and go for a flat-fee solution that’s customized to your business needs.

Here’s How We Help

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1. FinOps

Bring your back office back to the future.

We'll automate your accounts receivable and accounts payable processes so you pay and get paid on time, every time. Plus, we'll help automate the rest of your back office including sales commissions, deductions and chargebacks, and more. Plus, our tools automatically file records so audit and tax seasons are a breeze.

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2. Accounting

Trust your financial data without lifting a finger.

Automated accrual accounting with crystal clear audit logs to give you bullet proof financials. We enhance your QuickBooks environment with add-ons that allow for allocations, consolidations, eliminations and much more. Plus, our reconciliation tool helps us get your books closed faster than the competition.

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2. Accounting

Trust your financial data without lifting a finger. We’ll create a crystal clear audit log of all book journal entries within a Google spreadsheet that’s integrated with your Quickbook account. We’ll help enhance your credibility by automatically recognizing revenue and expenses on an accrual basis. Unlike other accounting services we’ll also streamline your bank reconciliation process in a cost efficient manner. 

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Recording and Dashboarding

Real-time reporting with data you can trust.

Stay ahead of your competitors with superior visibility into your business performance. We’ll help you structure your data in a way that makes sense for your specific needs. Then, we’ll automate daily reports of this data so you can feel empowered when making critical business decisions.

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See How Our Clients Optimized Their Accounting

The People Have Spoken

Efficiency, scalability, and visibility is what we’re getting from FinOptimal. When we started working with them, we had very manual processes that bogged down our team. FinOptimal’s team took the time to understand our business and deliver something designed just for us. They automated two of our biggest pain points, freeing up a ton of time immediately and setting us up to continue growing without additional costs. On top of the process automation, they also acted as thought partners to build us powerful dashboards that enable us to make better decisions faster using accounting data we can trust. I can’t imagine running a business on QuickBooks and not using FinOptimal to supercharge our financial operations and accounting.

Ilan Saks
Founder & CEO
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FinOptimal has built and maintained our customized accounting system. Basically, everything that we are able to define in our financial operations and accounting processes, they automated for us or provided us. Their automation is tremendously thoughtful and tailored to our specific business needs which has enabled us to scale our business without inflating headcount, while increasing the speed and efficiency of our monthly close and significantly enhancing the accuracy and integrity of our data.

Meir Rotenberg
Director of Finance at Spiff
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As a bean-to-bar chocolate manufacturer and a premier CPG brand, Raaka had complicated operations. They had omni-channel sales and a complicated manufacturing process. They were really struggling under the weight of their financial operations and a Netsuite implementation was too costly for their size, yet Quickbooks (and a bunch of other disparate financial software) was leading to a tremendous amount of manual data entry and data consolidation to just get a quarterly close. FinOptimal integrated Quickbooks with all their revenue streams to allow Raaka to have a super accurate view of their revenue by channel, and helped automate Whole Foods reporting. We also helped automate their expense allocations and the automation of a complicated payroll process. FinOptimal has been there side-by-side to help with ad hoc requests as new sales channels open. "Not only have I been able to keep overhead low as I’ve scaled my business through FinOptimal’s automations, but I have clear, clean, actionable data and auditable financials for my stakeholders."

Ryan Cheney
Co-Founder Raaka Chocolate ‍
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"As a franchisee, what I appreciate most about FinOptimal is the scalable accounting system they built for me. In our time working together my location count has continued to increase, but my back-office costs have stayed very reasonable. Their integrations automate a complex payroll cycle and give me visibility into my metrics, and that helps me report performance to HQ in an incredibly streamlined way!"

Liz Weiner
CFO of six School of Rock franchises
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“As Excel Sports Management has expanded and diversified into a full-service sports agency serving both athlete and B2B clients, FinOptimal has allowed us to scale rapidly without sacrificing the accuracy or timeliness of payments or financial reporting. FinOptimal’s highly customized, technology-forward tools have streamlined our billing and expense management processes, allowing us to track revenue and expenses on a granular basis to support real-time business decisions. They have largely automated our monthly close, saving a tremendous amount of time. We have been clients for over seven years and are incredibly pleased with the value. We have not encountered a competitor with the experience and expertise to build and operate our back-end financial operations at scale.”

Phil Mayer
CFO at Excel Sports Management
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Your Questions, Answered


What kind of software do you offer?

All of our software is proprietary and written in Python. We have a suite of tools that pull and push data from your systems and a number of QuickBooks add-ons that compliment its native functionality. This is true accounting automation, written by accountants for accountants. We do not outsource work overseas and dress it up as automation. All of our software has been used internally for several years by our accountants for our clients, and we are now putting it in the hands of others to use directly. Join the movement!


We already have a finance team, how do you fit in?

We work with existing finance teams and apply our automation to solve pain points, high-volume manual tasks, and other functions of their team that they would typically delegate to a senior or staff accountant. If you need help with just one or some of your processes, we can scope a solution that compliments your in-house team’s skill set.


Do I still need a bookkeeper?

No, we provide all of the services that a bookkeeper provides, plus more.


What systems do you integrate with?

We can pull data from all third-party tools and proprietary databases with an open API. We can also create custom integrations or digest Excel or CSV exports. Currently the only general ledger we push data to is QuickBooks Online.


Do I need to change my systems?

The only requirement is that you operate on QuickBooks Online. All other supporting systems can remain the same. If you’re exploring changing systems, we’re happy to provide recommendations that have seen work well for our clients.


Do you provide software or services?

Either or both - its up to you. We provide custom solutions using a blend of tech savvy accountants and proprietary software that's customized to your needs.

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